Capsule Gallery presents "Experiments in Form & Fiction" opening reception

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Liz Hickok, "Test for Refinery: M.A.P. on Wire, and Tall Metal Tubing", 2014, Archival Pigment Print, 24” x 20” and Shiyuan Xu, "Growth", 2015, Stoneware, Glaze, 13” x 12” x 15” Photo courtesy of Fiction

Capsule Gallery will present "Experiments in Form and Fiction," a two-person exhibition by San Francisco-based artist Liz Hickok and Houston-based artist Shiyuan Xu.

The exhibit celebrates the beauty of the visible and invisible. Photographer Liz Hickok and Ceramicist Shiyuan Xu incorporate chance into their artistic practice through carefully built structures that they then flood with materials to drip, grow and transform the underlying object. The two and three dimensional pieces in the exhibition invite viewers to imagine the infinite possibilities and outcomes these works could have taken and asks us to carefully consider the seemingly random patterns and forms presentin the world around us, seen and unseen.

In Hickok’s photographic series "Sets and Tests", she experiments with the chemical crystal solutions monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and alum and captures the formations as they grow haphazardly and morph in unusual ways. The photograph serves as a recorded moment in the continual growth of theseworks. Xu hand builds structures with slabs and coils from the inside out, creating intricate networks. She experiments with various glazes, which she then allows to drip and pool throughout. Firing the form freezes the growing motion.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through April 1.

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Capsule Gallery
3909 Main St.
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Admission is free.