Boxspace 13 Artspace presents January 2016 exhibitions opening reception

AnnieLaurie Erickson / Data Shadows
Hardware Mirror #10 (Dial-Up) Artwork by AnnieLaurie Erickson

BOX 13 ArtSpace will three new exhibitions starting in January 2016:

  • In the Downstairs Front BOX, Geri Forkner presents a large collection of strips and squares that has become a metaphor for everyday life, both its universality and its consequences on the environment, in the exhibition Daily Weavings.
  • In Data Shadows, AnnieLaurie Erickson introduces a photographic investigation into the physical apparatus of the Internet and digital surveillance in both the Downstairs Back BOX and Window BOX.
  • Shannon Duncan and Delaney Smith create a space between documentation and abstraction in the collaborative exhibition Strange Containers in the Upstairs BOX.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through March 12.

Event Details


1.30.16 | 7:00 pm


BOX 13 ArtSpace
6700 Harrisburg Blvd.
Houston, TX 77011


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Admission is free.