The Blue Bird Circle presents Come Along For The Ride: Journey For The Cure

The Blue Bird Circle 2013 Gala

At Come Along for the Ride: Journey for the Cure, the Blue Bird Circle Gala will honor Dr. Angus Wilfong, neurologist for his lifelong dedication to treating children with the most devastating seizure disorders.

Each year 130,000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy and 30% of them are children. Dr. Wilfong has pioneered a cutting edge minimally invasive laser ablation surgery for children with epilepsy resulting in a cure. He has 25 clinical research projects in progress on developing therapies for children.

Dr. Wilfong is the Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at Texas Children's Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at Baylor College of Medicine.  His love of medicine and motorcycles recently took him on a journey of more than 6,000 miles traveling across South American in support of children with epilepsy and their caregivers. 

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10.16.15 | 6:30 pm


River Oaks Country Club
1600 River Oaks Blvd.
Houston, TX 77019


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