Blaffer Art Museum presents Ruth Robbins Gallery Talk + Lunch

Ruth Robbins
Ruth Robbins Photo courtesy of Blaffer Art Museum

The Blaffer Art Museum will hold a gallery talk with Ruth Robbins, one of the participating artists in the international group exhibition Time / Image.

In Time / Image, Robbins unveils a durational performance combining text and image that took more than six years to complete, ending with its presentation in the exhibition. A Lexicon of Dusk resulted from a six-year performance in which Robbins excused herself from her commitments to step outside and capture on her iPhone the “promiscuous minute” of dusk, that brief moment between daylight and evening when reality feels charged and indeterminate.

Printed as postcards available for the viewer to take away — a distributed work of art in line with conceptual art practices — the images show richly colored ambiguous skies and whatever else she happened to have seen at the time: lights low on the horizon, an electricity pole, a snow-covered landscape, an equestrian statue. Longitude and latitude coordinates are documented on each image, which also offer a definition of dusk, together comprising a lexicon for a particular time of day.

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10.21.15 | 12:00 pm


Blaffer Art Museum
4173 Elgin St.
Houston, TX 77004

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Admission is free