Bayou City Theatrics presents Triassic Parq The Musical

Bayou City Theatrics presents Triassic Parq The Musical
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Triassic Parq The Musical, winner of the 2010 New York Fringe Festival, is a raunchy ride through the Triassic period. Utilizing the basic plot of the iconic dinosaur film, Jurassic ParkTriassic Parq reveals “the true story,” as told from the perspective of the dinosaurs. 

Morgan Freeman, the quintessential narrator, begins the story by introducing a theme park island where dinosaurs have been brought back to life via mosquito DNA (with a little bit of frog thrown in) and put on display. Though it is assured that this plot point “probably won’t come into play,” all of the dinosaurs are females, making sure to prevent reproduction.

Triassic Parq centers around the Velociraptor of Innocence (Luke Hamilton), T-Rex 2 (Anna Drake), and her best friend, Kaitlyn (Victoria Riley) and their journey of self-discovery. Unsure of their origin and being, the dinosaurs have formed a religion, led by the Velociraptor of Faith (Tyler Galindo). On a morning like all others, the tribe has gathered for their dino-prayer-assembly (all hail Lab, giver of goats), but the prayer circle is suddenly broken by T-Rex 2, as she discovers a bizarre new growth. T-Rex 2 is immediately banished because of her “six-inch monstrosity,” and the entire tribe is thrown into turmoil. Determined to find answers to her questions, the Velociraptor of Innocence sets out with her cuddly cow companion, portrayed by the Mime-a-saurus (Colton Berry), to find “the exiled one” - the Velociraptor of Science (Brennan Ashley).

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