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The team behind Tequila Cazadores and The Bartender Boxing Organization have come together to promote wellness, fitness and overall healthy living amongst the bartending community with the first-ever Bartender Boxing Match The goal of the program is to empower bartenders with the opportunity to practice the fine art of boxing, while promoting health and well being in the industry. And of course, ultimate bragging rights for the winners.

The program officially launched for the first time this year and is now in full swing with contenders training across the country and getting ready for their local market matches. Eight bartenders from Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York were selected to be a part of the program earlier this year after entering through the Bartender Boxing Match official website,

Bartenders from Houston and Los Angeles began their 90 training programs in May and the eight contenders from each city will face off in their markets upcoming local bout with the top four from each city heading to Tales of the Cocktail for the Final Fight where they will all duke it out for the champion title.

Event Details


7.13.17 | 5:30 pm


Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel St.
Houston, TX 77003


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Admission is free with RSVP.