AWJ Production presents Killing Me Softly with Lies

<i>Killing Me Softly with Lies</i>
Photo courtesy of AWJ Production

Sean and Jess are newlyweds who have only been married for eight months and already at each other throats. Mainly because they went into their marriage with secrets and lies that is bound to destroy their marriage. The love connection was inseparable, they planned on living happily ever after. However, sometimes happily ever after is diminutive. Sean and Jess must set some boundaries, they have to open the line of communication, to survive this thing called marriage, love, and trust, but first, they have to be present in the union.

Killing Me Softly with Lies is an intense stage play that encompasses a test of faith and a test of love.

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9.23.18 | 5:00 pm


Stafford Civic Center
1415 Constitution Ave.
Houston, TX 77477


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