Asia Society Texas Center presents Screen Asia: Under the Sun

Asia Society Texas Center presents Screen Asia: Under the Sun
Photo courtesy of Screen Asia: Under The Sun

North Korea, officially titled the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, remains one of the world’s most closed societies to external media and influence. Its citizens are raised according to strict guidelines and indoctrinated in state propaganda, pledging fervent allegiance to the country’s way of life and members of the powerful Kim political family. Director Vitaly Mansky subverted the government’s desire to present a problem-free Communist state by secretly filming scenes and smuggling footage out of the country to produce Under the Sun. His portrayal of North Korean society is an alarming contrast between orchestrated behavior and his filming subjects’ natural reactions, which often came when Mansky’s handlers believed the cameras were no longer filming.

Through his filming techniques, Mansky captures a myriad of human expressions, notably those of his star, Zin-mi. She is visibly conflicted, on one hand understanding the importance of her admittance into the state structure, while also feeling the pressure to perform in her mandated role. This movie will depict how human beings exist in a totalitarian system and find purpose in their lives.

Following the screening, Robert S. Boynton, Associate Professor of Journalism at New York University, will respond to the film and answer questions via Skype.

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12.1.16 | 7:00 pm


Asia Society Texas Center
1370 Southmore Blvd.
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