Art Opening Reception: CAMEO Texas Emerging Artists

Art Opening Reception: CAMEO Texas Emerging Artists

Featuring prominent ceramics instructors from colleges, university and art schools across the state as well as 55 of their most promising students, this exhibition showcases 30 ceramics programs from Dallas to El Paso. 18 Hands Gallery has teamed up with Ceramic Arts Museum and Education Organization (CAMEO) and curator Rosiland Speed to create this comprehensive snapshot of emerging ceramic artists in Texas. On view through July 31.

Besides giving these emerging artists an opportunity to introduce their work to the public, the exhibition also strives to acquaint them with the professional exhibit and sales process, the shipping and return shipping procedure, the staging of a successful opening reception and the enlightening interaction with art aficionados and potential buyers.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Jerry Austin, Zan Barnes, Cody Clinton, Noriko Shibatani, Lotus Witt Bermudez, Stacy Kuropata, Tiffany Moroney, Linnis Blanton, Caleb Sims, George Bowes, Marcus Helton, Jerry Solomon Jr., Michel Conroy, Allison Garcia, Kambri Hernandez, Cory Cryer, Angela Corson, Meghan Alexander, Stephanie Flier, Sue Ruthstrom, Kelley Eggert, Rica Puazo, Piero Fenci, Kira Kolandy Enriquez, Jeff Forster, Paula Chandler, Larry Murz, Barbara Frey, Brian Corry, Rachel Stephens, Dan Hammett, Jonathan Cross, David Morris, Jennifer Herzberg, Patrick Dement, Phil Johnson, Steve Hilton, Sarah Fields, Stan Irvin, Kelsey Pokorny, Brandon Goodwin, Louis Katz, Kris Jorgenson, Gregory Tegarden, Susan Kennedy, Brandi Kingrey, Jason Kishell, Jeanean Slamen, Paul McCoy, Lauren Chapman, Shailey Roe, Marianne McGrath, Amy Flinn, April Startzel, Hans Molzberger, Juan Castillo, Colby Parsons, Angela Edwards, Anastasia Gabriel, Doug Peck, Jacob Burghard, Suzanne Shield-Polk, Lou Higdon, Dennis Smith, Miguel Abugattas, Sara Katherine Boyd, Summer Brewster, Julia Six, Ryan Takaba, Maris Finos, Andrew Stansbury, Elmer Taylor, Jason Hyde, Mimi Le, Beth Thomas, Natasha Gallagher, Mike Unger, Tony Vanchu, Brittany Zick, Robby Wood, Kristina Dew, Adilah Yelton, Merrie Wright, Chris Hunts and Angel Quintero.

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7.21.12 | 6:00 pm


249-B W. 19th Street
Houston, TX

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Admission is free.