Art League Houston presents "In the Shadows," "a heel is half a rock, a slab is a slice," and "Fruit Series" opening reception

"In the Shadows", "a heel is half a rock, a slab is a slice", and "Fruit Series" opening reception
Jacqueline 2 (The Seventh Victim), 2018, Serigraphed devoré on satin, acrylic on oak, cloth covered cord, light bulb, silk, and cotton thread. Dimensions vary. Photo by Art League Houston

Art League Houston will host three new exhibits.

  • In the Shadows is an installation that will feature sculpture, textile and video by Chicago-based artist Jade Yumang. The exhibition is part of an ongoing body of work by the artist exploring the queer aesthetics of Film Noir. The work in this exhibition considers how film noir is constructed stylistically and narratively to disorient the audience to generate a level of uncertainty and deception, not just in its story arc, but more so on how queer characters implicitly and explicitly surface.
  • a heel is half a rock, a slab is a slice is an installation of new sculpture and photograms by LA-based artist Karen Lee Williams. Because they represent places far beyond our direct experience, images and artifacts of space exploration always have a surreal quality. The gap between the advances of astronomy and the public's understanding creates a void where doubt and imagination flourish. Lee Williams makes tactile proxies for those ideas and observations just beyond grasp. The work is inspired by moments when mainstream science and scholarship are infiltrated by superstition and mysticism.
  • Fruit Series is a site-specific installation by Las Girls Collective, a Houston-based collaboration between artists Daniela Antelo and Brenda Cruz-Wolf. The exhibition continues the artist’s interest in the relationship between the urban landscape and the female body, and features a series of visually-rich videos using various colorful fruits to playfully interact with the body against a series of backgrounds that seeks to transform the visitor's perception and experience of the ALH hallway gallery.

Following the opening reception, the exhibits will be on display until March 9.

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1.26.19 | 6:00 pm


Art League of Houston
1953 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006


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Admission is free.