Archway Gallery presents Joel Anderson: #Heatstroke 3D opening reception

Joel Anderson/#Heatstroke 3D
Joel Anderson, Fur Elise a la Fleur De Lis, encaustic and 3D-printed Photo by Joel Anderson

Archway Gallery presents #Heatstroke 3D, a solo exhibition by mixed media artist Joel Anderson, who combines encaustic medium with modern digital elements including 3D printing.

Encaustic is a medium dating back to the ancient Egyptians which found revival in the mid-1900’s with artists like Jasper Johns and Diego Rivera. Its primary component is beeswax hardened with damar resin. Encaustic is one of the oldest and most archival of all paint mediums.

Anderson’s signature technique is the layering of digital imagery under successive coats of encaustic fused with a blowtorch. This process has now advanced as 3D-printed objects are incorporated into many of his works. It was Anderson’s visit to New York’s Museum of Modern Art that inspired this show, not so much the masterpieces in the upper levels of the museum as the 3D drawing contraption for sale in the gift shop. With a quest to introduce a 3D experience into his artwork, his exploration of depth has evolved through his early work to include the incorporation of 3D printed objects at various levels in his newer pieces

In addition to the digital elements, #Heatstroke 3D presents a wide range of encaustic techniques, from smooth-as-glass surfacing, deep texture, etching, embedding, and encasing.

​Anderson’s subject matter reflects reminiscences from his past work in the oil industry. During a stint supporting IT at an exploration and research facility, the artist was struck by the stratigraphic maps hanging on the walls showing different layers in different colors. He is also inspired by music, recreation, and his first technical artwork, spirographs. There is also a nod to the many bees who sacrificed their honeycombs in the play on hexagons throughout the show.

Anderson has a technical background with one of the first degrees in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. He worked in the oil industry for 33 years in the Information Technology sector for Shell Oil. Anderson is a frequent exhibitor at local art fairs such as Bayou City Arts Festival and the First Saturday Arts Market in the Houston Heights. He is also active with the Houston Visual Arts Alliance. His work has been exhibited in juried shows in Houston. Most recently, a preview piece in the #Heatstroke 3D series was accepted into the September 2015 juried membership show of the Houston Visual Arts Alliance. He has been a member of Archway Gallery since 2014.

This will be the first solo encaustic exhibition at Archway Gallery as well as the first one featuring 3D printing technology. The exhibition will feature a 3D printer printing out Valentine hearts for the month of February.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through March 3.

Event Details


2.6.16 | 5:00 pm


Archway Gallery
2305-A Dunlavy St.
Houston, TX 77019


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Admission is free.