Archway Gallery presents "Dwellings" opening reception

"Dwellings" opening reception
Photo by Silvia PintoSouza

Archway Gallery presents "Dwellings," featuring new paintings by Silvia PintoSouza. Through the centuries, each civilization has typically had different types of dwellings developed by society of the time. Vitruvius, a 1st century Roman architect, described the three qualities required of architecture in his treatise, De architectura, as being: Firmness, Usefulness, and Delight; these include aesthetic, sensual, and intellectual qualities.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display until July 3.

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6.2.18 | 5:00 pm


Archway Gallery
2305-A Dunlavy St.
Houston, TX 77019


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Admission is free.