Architecture Center Houston Panel Discussion: "Immediate Consumption"

Architecture Center Houston Panel Discussion: "Immediate Consumption"
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Architects and the media share crucial roles as producers of culture in society. The interdependency of these industries creates a public discourse in which the audience increasingly becomes key to the feedback loop of what is made and built. The consumption of space and information has rapidly changed over the past couple of decades. Within the realm of media there are various paces of transmittal, from instant satisfaction within seconds and minutes of occurrence, to months and years where deliberation and gratification are delayed.

This discourse examines how architecture is represented and consumed through various media outlets, both professional and public.

"Immediate Consumption" will feature Allyn West with OffCite, Larry Albert of Swamplot, Lisa Gray from the Houston Chronicle and Matt Johnson of LoJo Architecture.

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2.12.15 | 5:30 pm


Architecture Center Houston
315 Capitol St. #120
Houston, TX 77002

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