Alley All New Festival: Roan @ The Gates

Alley Theatre presents Alley All New Festival 2017
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Would people buy a sofa without consulting your partner? How about a car? Change their jobs? Could people commit a crime and say nothing? And could someone still love his/her partner if she followed her conscience but kept him/her in the dark? Nat is an outspoken civil rights attorney. Roan, the quiet one, is an NSA Analyst who isn’t even allowed to tell her wife the location of her next business trip.

In this topical and thought-provoking new play, a longtime couple confronts questions about their marriage they never thought to ask as their personal relationship collides with national security.

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2.12.17 | 2:30 pm
2.11.17 | 2:30 pm
2.10.17 | 4:30 pm
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2.5.17 | 2:30 pm
2.4.17 | 2:30 pm


Alley Theatre
615 Texas Ave.
Houston, TX 77002


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Admission is free.