All-Star Active presents Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge

All-Star Active presents Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge
Photo courtesy of All-Star Active

The Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge is the nation's largest mobile fitness event traveling from coast-to-coast dedicated to keeping kids active and healthy. At the Kids Ultimate Fitness Challenge, kids of all ages get the opportunity to flex their physical fitness by participating in a time-based obstacle course that includes sprinting, jump roping, wall crawls, hurdles, jumping jacks, sit ups, and tunnel crawls, before finishing off the course with a 20 foot confidence climb and 60 meter dash to the finish.

The event features loads of activities for the whole family to enjoy including Xtreme gaming fun for all ages and on-site programming designed to inspire kids and families to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. 

Event Details


3.19.16 | 10:00 am


Mason Park
541 S. 75th St.
Houston, TX 77023


Ticket Info

Admission is free.