38th Annual Festival Chicano

37th Annual Festival Chicano
Photo courtesy of Miller Outdoor Theatre

The 38th Annual Festival Chicano is one of the oldest, ongoing, free events of its type in the world. It is a cultural celebration of Chicano music, from Tejano and Conjunto, to Mariachi and Orchestra.

The festival is a reflection of the artistic creativity that has developed in the Chicano cultural experience after centuries of influence from native peoples, Mexico, Europeans, and the U.S.A. Chicano music has been historically shaped by many diverse styles such as Mexican rancheras, corridos, mariachi, tejano, conjunto, big band, rhythm and blues, country, rock and roll, and many others. The festival is a celebration of culture through the music of countless generations of artists. It is truly a unique, original American sound.

Event Details


10.7.17 | 7:00 pm
10.6.17 | 7:00 pm
10.5.17 | 7:00 pm


Miller Outdoor Theatre
6000 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77030


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Admission is free.