2017 CounterCurrent Festival presents Current Visions

2017 CounterCurrent Festival presents <i>Current Visions</i>
Photo courtesy of Eames Office LLC, eamesoffice.com

What is it an artist might see that spurs an idea? What are the ways artists see the world that then lead to works of art? A change in perspective, a surprising angle, an un-thought-of connection - how are creative doors opened and a project's goal realized? What is it that speaks deeply to a particular artist?

Current Visions looks into these questions by means of visualization into the minds of a group of artists, allowing audiences to see into their process. Each CounterCurrent festival artist was asked to select a short film that ignites their artistic practice. These films will be screened on the festival's final day, expanding on the works we have witnessed throughout the week.

Aurora Picture Show is a media arts center that presents artist-made, non-commercial film and video. Aurora Picture Show is dedicated to expanding the cinematic experience and promotion the understanding of moving image art.

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4.23.17 | 12:00 pm


Aurora Picture Show
2442 Bartlett St.
Houston, TX 77098


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Admission is free.