11 Below Brewery presents Oso Bueno Art Show

11 Below Brewery presents Oso Bueno Art Show
Photo courtesy of State of the Art Shows

11 Below Brewing will host State of the Art Shows' inaugural art show titled Oso Bueno, named after the brewery's most popular beer. The indoor art show features the work of 10 Houston artists, including Vena Ashley, who along with Gretchen McDaniel, formed State of the Art Shows after the duo hosted a very successful themed art event in 2015.

The mission of State of the Art Shows is to create new and exciting opportunities for local artists, with shows that encourage the artists as well as engage attendees. 11 Below Brewing, with ample indoor seating, and plenty of floor space for the artists to put temporary display walls, makes nearly the perfect venue for this mobile art troupe.

Attending artists include Cherie Salinas, Teresa Staley, Alexandra Kontrimaite, Julie Howard, Melinda Patrick, Mike Vollmer, Rachel Goodman, Sacha Lazarre, Tonya Engel Foster, and Vena Ashley.

Event Details


5.21.16 | 12:00 pm


11 Below Brewing
6820 Bourgeois Rd.
Houston, TX 77066


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Admission is free.