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Megan Runser


Yoga student, marathon runner, fashion and beauty enthusiast, wardrobe consultant, sale scavenger, Food Network fan, and Matt Lauer-lover.  



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Fit in 2013

New year, new routine: Jump-start your fit lifestyle with these tiny trinkets that make workouts fun

By Megan Runser

Here we go again. Another New Year, another slew of resolutions spanning food choices, exercise regimes, and various other valiant self-improvement initiatives. Tackling the weight loss front always tops my ...

Beauty Basics

Chill Out: 3 products to protect your pretty in cooler temps

By Megan Runser

It sure is easy to get into the holiday spirit when 80 degree temps continue to linger, right? Wrong. Luckily today brings significantly cooler weather, so hurriedly unpack your sweaters ...

Wardrobe change

The search for the perfect Polo shirt: Criquet founders combine vintage flair & hipster style

By Megan Runser

Ah, the misunderstood polo shirt. A staple among the likes of golfers and Caddyshack theme party-goers, the polo shirt is often perceived as the lowest common denominator of a ...

Ready for summer

The long and shorts of it: Nine great leg-baring looks just in time for warmer weather

By Megan Runser

One of the greatest literary works to pass my eyes in the recent decade was shown to me by one of my most favorite colleagues, Kellie. This 2010 article by ...

sweat style

Work it out: How to dress for the gym without obsessing too much over what to wear

By Megan Runser

Getting dressed in the morning is a favorite past — er, current — time of mine. All the possible combinations of shirts, shorts, tops, skirts, dresses and accessories help make that horrible ...

pretty polish

You’ve got nail(s): Your digits are a canvas; make 'em worth looking at

By Megan Runser

A bubble bath, an expensive salon blow-out, a giant bowl of queso and an US Weekly subscription top the list of some of my favorite indulgences. Besides the semi-trashy gossip ...

Holiday wishes

From Penney's to Prada: The evolution of my holiday wishlist from cubic zirconia to Clare Vivier

By Megan Runser

Toys, toys, and more toys – most kids' holiday wishlists contain pretty standard items. A doll, perhaps a board game, and maybe even some sort of electronic gadget for the young ...

flower power

Coming up rose gold: A refreshing, flattering twist on a tried-and-true metal

By Megan Runser

I’m fairly certain I was a rapper in my past life. Gold is hands down my all-time favorite color. I unapologetically sport a fake grill for almost any occasion ...

online overload

One day at a time: A social networking addict's tale of recovery (without status updates)

By Megan Runser

Hi, my name is Megan, and I’m a social networking addict. Do you remember what life was like before pokes, tweets, uploads and (un)tagging dominated our daily existence ...

warm it up

Pop it like it's hot: Use splashes of color to spice up your rustic winter wardrobe

By Megan Runser

Never wanting to blend in with the crowd, I’ve always looked for ways to set myself apart from the masses with unexpected, personal touches to my ensembles. (Full disclosure ...

savvy shopper

Target Missoni fiasco holds valuable lessons for Black Friday shoppers

By Megan Runser

'Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring—not even my computer mouse. Ah yes, one of the biggest shopping days is ...


By the numbers: Anthropologie partners with Maximal Art to create lucky charms

By Megan Runser

From the number of times Lindsay Lohan makes a court appearance in an inappropriate white dress to the number of days Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasted to the sequence of ...

luxurious lengths

Keepin up with the Kardashians is hard when my Kar-lash-ians aren't as batty as Kim's

By Megan Runser

Move over Jones family—there is a new clan in town requesting my attention: the Kardashians. For reasons more mysterious than the Marfa Lights, I find myself watching the same ...

Festival Fever

Fashion meets function: ACL outfits that beat the heat

By Megan Runser

Meteorologists might be some of the most hated people around town these days. Remember that scene in Ferris Bueller where Ferris’s prerecorded message plays each time Mr. Rooney presses ...

All articles by this author.  14 Results. Showing 1 to 14
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