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Joseph V. Amodio

Based in New York City and covering a variety of topics--from health and medicine to entertainment, travel, fitness and fashion, Joseph V. Amodio  is a freelance features writer whose work has appeared in various publications and websites, including The New York Times Magazine, Newsday, In Style, Self,, and more.  And if you're channel-surfing at 3 a.m., you may well have stumbled across one of his blood-and-guts scripts written for several true-crime forensic docudrama series on A&E, The Discovery Channel or The Learning Channel.



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A Presidential Turn

Breaking Bad star takes on Broadway, pot & prostitution: Why Bryan Cranston would legalize everything

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — Don’t vote for Bryan Cranston. For anything. "I’m not electable,” he insists. “The first thing I’d do is legalize prostitution and marijuana — even though I ...

Hating Ethan Hawke

Hating Ethan Hawke isn't all it's cracked up to be: Actor takes leap of faith in latest role

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — You’re standing outside a café near Lincoln Center before meeting Ethan Hawke and you’ve got a dilemma—do you admit you loathe him, I mean, really ...

Appointment TV

Carrie Underwood is no Julie Andrews — and that's a good thing: Secrets of the new Sound of Music

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK —  Warning: The first words you’ll hear Carrie Underwood sing in NBC’s live production of The Sound of Music Thursday night may not be familiar. Which may ...

Strong as Mustard Gas

Holland Taylor's uncanny portrayal of Ann Richards makes her a Tony favorite

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — Just 48 hours—give or take—till the Tony Awards on Sunday night, and Holland Taylor sounds a bit like a hurricane over the water…gaining speed, storing ...

Outsider fashion

Punk times are back: New NYC fashion exhibit shows off spiked hair, safety pins and more

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — There are, no doubt, more than a few people in this town who thought — misguidedly — they’d never have to face the urinals at CBGB again.  But there ...

Safety pin chic

Posh Mosh: Punk meets pretty at Met Costume Institute Gala as Madonna, Beyoncé & SJP create chaos

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — Mosh pits never looked so chic as they did Monday night when Beyoncé, Rooney Mara, Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Tiger Woods and Anne Hathaway—along with a few ...

look the part

From Russia with style: Anna Karenina inspires a return to romantic fashion

By Joseph V. Amodio

Leo Tolstoy was a fashionista. His 1870s masterpiece, Anna Karenina evokes a grand style that's perfect for your fall/winter wardrobe.

Fashion's Night Out

All in the family: Texan George Carr launches fashion line at Saks to honor late designer brother

By Joseph V. Amodio

Zack Carr is a fashion powerhouse you’ve likely never heard of. The Texas-born fashion designer served as Calvin Klein’s creative director and “right hand” for nearly three decades ...

If these walls could talk

Houston-area native conjures up the ghosts of Studio 54 at magical New York supper club

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — Blame it on the ghosts of Studio 54:  Those raucous souls who packed this infamous disco back in the 1970s and ’80s thrived on drama—so it’s ...

Olympic-inspired fashion

Look as good as an Olympic athlete in these gold medal-worthy styles

By Joseph V. Amodio

Even if you're not an athlete, you can look the part in some swell fashion inspired by the Olympics. 

High Profile

Style Olympics: Top designers take spotlight with team outfits at opening ceremonies

By Joseph V. Amodio

Ralph Lauren caught some major flack for his Olympics uniforms—but he’s not alone. Stella McCartney’s fashion-forward gear, created with Adidas for Great Britain’s Olympic athletes, has ...

Stylish & Quirky

Dress like Johnny Depp: Actor is no-show at CFDA Awards but you can still emulate his unique look

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — Johnny Depp was awarded his first Oscar — fashion’s Oscar, that is — but was a no-show at Monday night’s CFDA Fashion Awards, a star-studded event attended by ...

Best Fashion Exhibit

Thanks to Anna Wintour, new Met exhibit stages "impossible" conversation between very shy Prada and very dead Schiaparelli

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — Make Anna Wintour do it.  Who can say no to her? That’s what curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art rather cleverly decided when organizing this year ...

Fashion Central

Best red carpet ever? Sizzle meets drizzle on the Met's big night at Prada/Schiaparelli exhibit

By Joseph V. Amodio

NEW YORK — The red carpet sizzled Monday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit celebrating the opening of their latest fashion exhibit, “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible ...

Lucky star

The mother of reinvention: Madonna's at it again, with help from daughter Lola

By Joseph V. Amodio

You may’ve liked the Super Bowl halftime show. Or loathed it. But either way, there’s nothing quite like the experience of Madonna—in person—walking right up alongside ...

Swede & Low-down

A touch of tough: How you can dress like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — from head to toe

By Joseph V. Amodio

Lisbeth Salander may be the most memorable Swede to come along since Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman, with a gritty, goth-like style that has captivated millions. 

Salute to McQueen

Big gowns & Osama/royal wedding chatter make Costume Institute Gala an odd night to remember

By Joseph V. Amodio

Just imagine the cocktail chatter--do you talk about "The Dress?" Or "The Dead Terrorist?" The gown of the century…or the goon? This was the dilemma facing the 790 guests ...

Preppy 2.0

They're baaaaack: New Preppy handbook is updated for a new generation

By Joseph V. Amodio

For some, preppy living comes naturally. If your name’s Muffy, Skip or Pierpont, say, or you refer to your mother as “mummy”—‘nuff said. For the rest of us ...

Menswear Trends

Southern Comforts: It's Billy Reid's moment in the Big Apple

By Joseph V. Amodio

If anyone can instill a little down-home gentility in downtown Manhattan, it’s Billy Reid. The soft-spoken designer has wooed a slew of hipper-than-thou New Yorkers with an enticing brew ...

Six Sex-y things to watch for

Deciphering what's real in the new Sex and the City movie

By Joseph V. Amodio

Half the fun of Sex and the City 2 is in the details. Look for these movie moments and know what’s real and what’s not. * INN-SIDE SCOOP: Don ...

All articles by this author.  26 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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