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Davon D.E. Hatchett

Davon Hatchett is a Houston lawyer and freelance writer with a keen interest in food, entertaining and travel. A huge champagne and sparkling wine enthusiast, she is known as "The Champagne and Bubbly Ambassador" whose mission is to convince more people that drinking champagne shouldn't just be reserved for special occasions. 

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Best New Year's Champagne

The best New Year's Eve champagne: From cheap steals to bubbly big guns — and restaurants that honor them

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

I have a confession to make: Over the course of the last three weeks I have sniffed, swirled and sipped more than 60 different brands and varietals of champagne and ...

Champagne Delivery

Special Delivery! Champagne maker's mail truck plans bubbly Houston stops

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Don’t you just love the anticipation of the arrival of a special package? We all do, and Veuve Clicquot knows it. That’s why the Champagne house has been ...

Best Bloody Marys

It's National Bloody Mary Day! Best places to enjoy the classic cocktail — or make one at home

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Happy 2014!! Ooh, I’m sorry, did I type that too loud? If so, perhaps it’s because you may have partied just a little (Ok, a ton) too much ...

Cocktail Party Secrets

How Don Draper's secret stash can fuel your holiday cocktail party: Hosting a stylish, effortless bash

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

This month is a particularly special one because it not only marks the holiday season, but it also commemorates the 80th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. So how might ...

Drink & Shop Secrets

Drink and shop: Five Houston stores that make the holiday madness truly merry

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Let’s face it. The holiday season can incite just as much stress as it can illicit joy. Schedules get more hectic. Task lists get infinitely longer. Wacky family members ...

Drink Up

Real cocktail class lessons: Turning into a mad drink scientist will liven up your holidays

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

It’s true: I drank a margarita, a Sazerac and a Brandy Crusta, all before 10 a.m. Either I was trying to drown my sorrows from a really horrible ...

Fried Chicken Secrets

Top chefs Marcus Samuelsson and others reveal the secrets for cooking up perfect fried chicken

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

While a recent CultureMap story singled out some of Houston's best fried chicken in celebration of National Fried Chicken Day, it's a dish you can also make at ...

Best Fried Chicken

Just wing it: Best fried chicken in Houston comes in many different varieties

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Nestled quietly between the 4th of July and Bastille Day is a much lesser known holiday that, in my food-appreciating opinion, deserves some serious recognition: Today is National Fried Chicken ...

Obscure Holidays 101

Houston's best picnic spots: Restaurants, parks and stores that do outdoor dining justice

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Fact about me: I absolutely love finding reasons to celebrate or throw a party. Almost anything will do, and sometimes the more unusual, quirky or obscure, the better. Throw a ...

Drink Up

Wine school: High-end Houston restaurant makes summer classes fun, plans to build a new patio

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

It’s almost summertime in the city, and for me that means two things: Spending more time outdoors and drinking wine. Well, I actually have that wine drinking part pretty ...

Oh, what a web she weaves

Success of new Charlotte Olympia shoe collection is written in the stars

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

The gorgeous and graceful Charlotte Olympia Dellal, the mind behind the bold, creative and whimsical shoe label Charlotte Olympia, recently breezed into Neiman Marcus to personally introduce the "Cosmic Collection ...

Houston, the Airstream has landed!

Champagne wishes and RV dreams: Veuve Clicquot Airstream makes bubbly Houston stop

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Bubbly lovers from all across town eagerly greeted the Veuve Clicquot Airstream as the stylish luxury pop-up champagne bar made its first Texas tour stop in Houston Tuesday. The asphalt ...

Macaron madness!

Tour de Sweet: Where to get the best macarons in Houston

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Let’s get something out of the way from the get-go: the extra “o” was not inadvertently left off. The spelling is not a typo. Macarons are not the same ...

South of France Meets Italy

A sumptuous affair: "Ooh la la" and "la bella vita" converge at Hotel Granduca dinner

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Ristorante Cavour at Hotel Granduca recently served as the lush and intimate setting for a fortunate dinner crowd of about two dozen, at an exclusive culinary experience orchestrated by celebrated ...

'Tis the season

Aww, shucks: The best places to eat oysters in Houston — these restaurants worship mollusks

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Who cares what Bugs and Daffy say about whether it's rabbit season or duck season? It’s officially oyster season in the  Gulf Coast region. You may be wondering ...

It's a Scandal!

Secrets, espionage & cocktails: Perfect drink recipes for a night of “Scandal-ous” television

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

If you have yet to be ensconced in the cult phenom television series Scandal you do not know what you are missing! The powerhouse behind the show is none other ...

Are You Down with Downton?

Simply splendid! Host the definitive Downton Abbey Watch Party with this easy guide

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

If you’re like much of the country, you are currently dying with anticipation for the new episodes of PBS “Brit-hit” Downton Abbey hitting the airwaves on Sunday night (8 ...

Father Time, Fireworks & Fizz

A toast to the New Year: The ultimate bubbly cocktail recipes to ring it in right

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

It's almost New Year's Eve and you know what that means: It's time to break out the bubbly. Come Dec. 31, the collective sounds of corks popping ...

Fa La La Fabulous

Twelve tips on holiday décor & seasonal entertaining from Houston's top tastemakers

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

The jolly elves at the Houston Design Center worked their little ears off when they recently hosted the week-long 5th Annual "Deck the Tables" Holiday Tabletop Tour & Showroom Open House ...

Late Night Cocktails + Bites

Put it in Reverse! 10 great nighttime happy hour deals that are later than you think

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Ah, happy hour: that enchanting time of the day when working stiffs gather en masse and partake of inexpensive, frosty adult beverages to celebrate the triumphs, or drown the sorrows ...

All articles by this author.  26 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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