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What's real anyway?

Loving the fakes: New reality TV scandals are met with less outrage than yawns

By Bill Van Rysdam

Something scandalous is happening with reality TV. It turns out many of the reality programs aren’t very real at all. The latest revelation comes from A&E’s hit ...

Mumbo Jumbo

Privacy on Facebook is all an illusion: Those "legal" disclaimers your friends post mean nil

By Bill Van Rysdam

If you have spent any time on Facebook recently, you have probably seen one of your friends post the following statement: In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby ...

League of their own

NFL punts on paying taxes: Non-profit status raises questions on sweet deal for pro football

By Bill Van Rysdam

When you think of non-profit organizations, names like The United Way, The American Red Cross and the Susan B. Komen Foundation come to mind. What might surprise you is that ...

Pandora's box

Internet Radio Fairness Act fight pits Pandora & friends against traditional broadcasters

By Bill Van Rysdam

The battle for your ears has taken an interesting twist. Traditional over-the-air broadcasters and Internet radio companies are duking it out over something called the “Internet Radio Fairness Act.” This ...

A flop that became a classic

The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour is back on DVD

By Bill Van Rysdam

Apple Corps is bringing back Beatlemania by re-releasing the classic film The Magical Mystery Tour. The Beatles had just released the highly acclaimed album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club ...

Cares Less About Fans

The real story of the replacement refs blown call: What the NFL doesn't want you to know

By Bill Van Rysdam

The sports talk airwaves are still blowing up over the latest botched call by the NFL's replacement officials. For those of you who've been stuck under a rock ...

Avoid Eternal Internet Damnation

Auf Wiedersehen! Emma Watson replaces Heidi Klum as Internet's most dangerous celebrity

By Bill Van Rysdam

Who is the most dangerous person on the Internet? Turns out it is Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione Granger in the wildly successful Harry Potter series. Now,Watson ...

Good Deeds Matter

An amazing story of a lost camera, the Internet and an amateur detective who made things right

By Bill Van Rysdam

Something amazing took place on the Internet. It won’t bring us world peace, or end famine, but it could help restore our faith in mankind just a little bit ...

Music Matters

Why politicians stink at choosing songs: Romney & Obama know this is the rare bipartisan issue

By Bill Van Rysdam

In a heated political campaign, words matter. The right word can sway someone who is sitting on the proverbial fence to pick a side. The wrong word can take a ...

Patriotism hangs by a thread

The China Syndrome: Berets & big logos are a bigger deal than Team U.S.A. gear's country of origin

By Bill Van Rysdam

The London 2012 Olympics haven't even started and already we're hearing trash-talking and finger-pointing. This has nothing to do with the games themselves, but the fact the official ...

Government Goes 0 for 3

Was it something I said? Supreme Court ruling on TV indecency leaves no resolution in sight

By Bill Van Rysdam

So here’s the scenario. A media company broadcasts something the Federal Communications Commission deems indecent. The FCC decides to revise its policy in response to the broadcast and then ...

MDNA on Life Support

Material Girl flatlines: Puny sales of new Madonna album in second week dashes comeback talk

By Bill Van Rysdam

Madonna’s newest album release — why do we still call them albums? — MDNA debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. This immediately produced talk of her comeback being a ...

I Feel Fine

Snooki's spooky due date proves that the Mayans got it right: Run for your lives!

By Bill Van Rysdam

Much ado has been made about the year 2012 and the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world. While doomsday prophecies are as common as failed weddings from the ...

Song Crisis

Jennifer Lopez nip slip & Ryan Seacrest baptism overshadow a real Oscar issue: The music dying

By Bill Van Rysdam

The Academy Awards provided many memorable moments for fans of the big screen and the glitz it attracts. From Jennifer Lopez’s alleged “Nip Slip” to Angelina Jolie proving her ...

Pinsanity reigns

Could Pinterest be the next Napster? Thorny copyright issues bedevil popular website

By Bill Van Rysdam

Forget “Linsanity." “Pinsanity” has officially taken over the Internet. I speak, of course, about the latest social media craze: It seems everyone these days is surfing the ...

Nice Guys Finish Last

Houston needs to get ruder: National magazine ranks us far behind Dallas in being disdainful

By Bill Van Rysdam

Once again, our fair city is taking a back seat to that mega-metropolis called Big D. Are we not as fit? Perhaps we’re not as fashion chic? No, it ...

Radio Wonder

Much better than a whiny Adele: The best music you've never heard

By Bill Van Rysdam

Tired of hearing the same old same old on the radio? Between the exceedingly whiny Adele who can’t understand why her ex-boyfriend doesn’t want to still be friends ...

Long Lost Love Found

Peter Frampton plans to play his long-lost, plane crash guitar: 31 years gone and still rocking

By Bill Van Rysdam

Peter Frampton changed the business of music forever in 1976 when he released his wildly successful double live album Frampton Comes Alive. In Wayne's World 2, Wayne Campbell acknowledged ...

The Irreplaceables

A heavenly lineup: From Amy Winehouse to Clarence Clemons, the deaths that stopped the music

By Bill Van Rysdam

The end of the year gives us an opportunity to pause, look back and remember the people who passed away, but will always be remembered for the music they made ...

An Old Friend In Distress

Running through the dead trees: "Enjoying" Memorial Park means watching the sad torture of oaks

By Bill Van Rysdam

A dear old friend of mine is not doing well these days. I'm speaking of one of the largest urban parks in the United States, Houston’s Memorial Park ...

All articles by this author.  68 Results. Showing 21 to 40
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