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The Funny's Gone

One of the greatest comedians ever dies, leaving a funny void: This legendary mind cannot be replaced

By Bill Van Rysdam

The world is a little less funny today. Stan Freberg died Tuesday at the age of 88. It is almost impossible to put into the words the profound effect he ...

Outside The Loop

Europe's most underrated city: Inexpensive gourmet food just part of its San Francisco worthy charm

By Bill Van Rysdam

Sitting on Europe’s western shore, the city of Lisbon blends panoramic views, a storied history and wonderful food with an unpretentious charm that welcomes even the most cantankerous traveler ...

Biggest Deaths of 2014

The biggest music deaths of 2014: Saying goodbye to icons and pioneers

By Bill Van Rysdam

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” – Confucius The end of the year approaching gives us a moment to pause and look back to the ...

Cutting The Cable Cord

HBO cuts the cord: Is this the beginning of the end of cable TV as we know it?

By Bill Van Rysdam

HBO took a shot across the bow of the cable TV industry by announcing it plans to offer a streaming service separate from cable subscriptions, effectively cutting the cord as ...

Debate It

A Tale of Two Leagues: Can the NFL learn from NBA's response to controversial social issues? Silver is up

By Bill Van Rysdam

The NFL has been busy these past few weeks dodging and weaving like Walter Payton, trying to avoid the big hit. By now, everyone in the free world has seen ...

Super Conference Showdown

How to save college football: Plan stolen from soccer could be the answer

By Bill Van Rysdam

There has been a lot of discussion lately about college athletics, specifically college football. It is obvious that there is a major disparity between the haves and the have nots ...

Tech Time

Net neutrality backers call out President Obama: Is a free and open Internet a thing of the past?

By Bill Van Rysdam

The continuing clash over net neutrality is picking up speed. The Federal Communications Commission recently voted on a proposal that could allow Internet service providers to charge content companies for ...

Tuscany at its best

Hidden Italy: Magical Tuscany town offers fairy-tale setting and world's best ice cream

By Bill Van Rysdam

Exploring Tuscany is like searching for that perfect plate of pasta. You can become overwhelmed by so many places that you worry you missed something along the way. From Florence ...

Tech Time

Internet searches might not be so free anymore: Why restricted access suddenly looms as the new norm

By Bill Van Rysdam

Your Internet experience could be very different after the most recent ruling on the issue of net neutrality. As CultureMap previously reported, the US Court of Appeals for the District ...

David Beckham Near Nude

David Beckham's steamy, near nude Super Bowl ad could change TV — and H&M — forever

By Bill Van Rysdam

This year’s Super Bowl to be held in New Jersey could be the coldest on record. (Super Bowl VI which was played at Tulane Stadium was 39 degrees at ...

Music Deaths

When the music dies: Star musicians who passed away in 2013 leave a powerful legacy

By Bill Van Rysdam

Oliver Wendell Holmes once mused, “Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live ...

In My Opinion

Are you ready to pay for some football? Free NFL games could be a thing of the past

By Bill Van Rysdam

Hold onto your beer can sports fans because there is trouble brewing on the sports television landscape that does not involve Jim Crane and Comcast Sports Houston. There is a ...

Twinkie Love

The best reason to celebrate the return of The Twinkie: It's indestructible!

By Bill Van Rysdam

Good news America. The devilishly delicious snack food called “The Twinkie” is making its triumphant return to gas stations and finer food stores everywhere. But there’s even more good ...

Peace and Quiet

You can go home again: Chestnut Ridge Park near Buffalo N.Y. recalls a simpler time

By Bill Van Rysdam

Thomas Wolfe once wrote “You Can’t Go Back Home Again,” but I am happy to report this is not always the case. Recently, I took a trip back to ...

Bogus Skyfall

Listeners beware: Fake Adele songs are everywhere on Internet services like Spotify

By Bill Van Rysdam

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of you who like to listen to Adele on Spotify (and you know who you are), there is ...

McCain Vs. Cable

Comcast SportsNet Houston faces yet another obstacle: A la carte pricing changes the game

By Bill Van Rysdam

The way you pay for cable television may soon change if Sen. John McCain gets his way. The Arizona senator has introduced the Television Consumer Freedom Act which would allow ...

In My Opinion

Tragedy in West, Texas: Where is the outrage about corporate negligence & government inaction?

By Bill Van Rysdam

It has been nearly two weeks since America lost a little more innocence when two bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed ...

$7.85 an hour

Charles Barkley to pay Houstonians to hang out with him NBA All-Star weekend

By Bill Van Rysdam

Looking to score that big break into show business?  This could be your big chance. The NBA on TNT folks are currently casting background extras for the channel's NBA ...

Heaven got a few more stars

From Donna Summer to Adam Yauch: Remembering top singers who passed away in 2012

By Bill Van Rysdam

The music in heaven got a little sweeter with the passing of some amazing talent in 2012. From folk, to soul, rock and disco, some brilliant artists left us, but ...

Sign of the times

Accuracy be damned: With Twitter and Facebook, media feels free to report incorrect information

By Bill Van Rysdam

There are many lessons to be learned from the horrific events that took place at the Connecticut massacre. Debate on gun control, dealing with people who suffer from mental health ...

All articles by this author.  68 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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