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Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley

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Alex Bentley isn’t a Dallas-Fort Worth native, but with all his experience in the area, he’s the next best thing. He received his bachelor’s degree from TCU, and after a five-year sojourn to work for the Florida Marlins in Miami, he returned to the area to get his master’s degree at UNT. Prior to joining CultureMap, he worked for Pegasus News, helping deliver hyper-local news to the internet masses. He uses that experience to make CultureMap the go-to site for everything to see and do in Dallas.

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The Review Is In

The funniest movie of the year? Chris Rock finally hits it out of the park with brilliant Top Five

By Alex Bentley

Great serious comedies — an oxymoronic term, perhaps — are in short supply. Most comedies either try to appeal to the lowest common denominator or aim high and fall short of their ...

Girls On Stage

Girls on stage: Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love kick off tour together in Houston

By Alex Bentley

Courtney Love has been a highly idiosyncratic musician for well over 20 years, and Lana Del Rey has picked up that mantle in recent years, so it makes sense the ...

Wannabe Prestige Film

Funny man's Oscar-caliber acting and Olympic intrigue can't redeem sullen Foxcatcher

By Alex Bentley

Making a great movie is never easy. Multiple factors — from the acting to the directing to the editing to the soundtrack — have to come together to form a cohesive, memorable ...

The Science of Love

Love triumphs over science in Oscar-bound movie about Stephen Hawking's amazing life

By Alex Bentley

Stephen Hawking, who has developed scientific theories that boggle the imagination, would be an impressive individual based solely on his intelligence. But when you also consider that he’s done ...

Hunger Games Revolution

Calm before the storm: Mockingjay - Part 1 sets up final Hunger Games battle just right

By Alex Bentley

Splitting the final film of a popular book-turned-movie series into two parts is all the rage these days, as the makers of the Harry Potter, Twilight and now The Hunger ...

Movie Magic

Penguins of Madagascar is a legitimately badass (and scary) kids movie

By Alex Bentley

For years, the comedy sidekicks in animated films were just that: Funny diversions in movies that focused on other characters. But sensing an opportunity to wring even more money out ...

Off the Edge

Best movie of the year? Weird and wild Birdman takes the high wire to thrill and greatness

By Alex Bentley

There are some films that defy classification, ones that don't conform to any preconceived notion of what a film should be despite having much in common with their predecessors ...

Movie Complexity

Sprawling McConaughey space movie reaches for new heights but falls short of the stars

By Alex Bentley

Director Christopher Nolan has never been the type to take it easy on anyone who watches his movies. From his early works like Following and Memento all the way through ...

Baymax to the Rescue

An animated Marvel: Big Hero 6 combines sweetness and strength to top Interstellar at box office

By Alex Bentley

Since Marvel Entertainment merged with Disney back in 2009, the production of films based on Marvel characters has shifted into overdrive. Given Disney’s history, it was only a matter ...

Snub City

Taylor Swift snubs Houston like it's Spotify: Mega star avoids the city despite strong ties to the area

By Alex Bentley

An argument could be made that Taylor Swift is the most popular musician on the planet right now, but on her 2015 tour, Texans will have only one chance to ...

Real Estate Innovation

New website touts easy way to search for commercial real estate in Houston, other Texas cities

By Alex Bentley

RealMassive , a burgeoning Austin-based tech firm that is looking to change the way commercial real estate transactions take place, has officially launched in four Texas cities — Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth ...

The Review Is In

New Oscar favorite: Jake Gyllenhaal makes creepy sing in astonishing Nightcrawler

By Alex Bentley

With both of his parents, not to mention his sister, involved in filmmaking, Jake Gyllenhaal has every reason to live off his name and make easy, unremarkable movies. Instead, except ...

A Ghoul Time For All

Get your ghoul on: Houston among best cities in nation for Halloween parties

By Alex Bentley

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, many people will be looking to let loose at a great party. Luckily for Texans, several Lone Star cities rank among the ...

Jazzed-Up Oscar Contender

Best film of the year? Gut-wrenching Whiplash is a jazzed-up Oscar contender

By Alex Bentley

Jazz is probably not high on many people’s lists when it comes to interesting topics for a movie, but in the hands of writer/director Damien Chazelle, it is ...

Yet Another War Movie

Brad Pitt leads the charge in Fury, but war movie creatively tanks as it rolls over competition

By Alex Bentley

If someone is going to make a movie about World War II, he had better have a strong reason for doing so. Definitive movies about the Holocaust, military conquests and ...

Luke Wade Confession

Before big face-off on The Voice, Texas singer who wowed Pharrell reveals his winning strategy

By Alex Bentley

Fort Worth singer Luke Wade took America by storm when he wowed the coaches on NBC’s The Voice with his rendition of Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong ...

Movie Time

Internet scare tactics: Men, Women & Children shows the real horror of our tech world

By Alex Bentley

The Internet age can often be challenging and confusing, and although some films have touched on aspects of this, no mainstream film has made it the sole focus of the ...

You Can Be Iron Man

Superhero fans in Texas will get a double dose of Marvel excitement with two unique shows

By Alex Bentley

Any movie fan knows that Marvel Comics is slowly but surely taking over the film industry, and come next February Marvel will continue its quest for world domination by making ...

The Review Is In

Gone Girl exposes Ben Affleck's animosity, modern marriage and Nancy Grace in wicked style

By Alex Bentley

The central mystery in Gone Girl, the new film based on the best-seller written by Gillian Flynn, is one that fits right in with today’s media-saturated culture. Nick Dunne ...

Diamond in H-Town

Neil Diamond says "Hello Again" to Houston with first concert tour in six years

By Alex Bentley

It's been six long years, but music icon Neil Diamond is finally going out on tour again in 2015, including a stop at the Toyota Center on May 26 ...

All articles by this author.  139 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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