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Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley

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Alex Bentley isn’t a Dallas-Fort Worth native, but with all his experience in the area, he’s the next best thing. He received his bachelor’s degree from TCU, and after a five-year sojourn to work for the Florida Marlins in Miami, he returned to the area to get his master’s degree at UNT. Prior to joining CultureMap, he worked for Pegasus News, helping deliver hyper-local news to the internet masses. He uses that experience to make CultureMap the go-to site for everything to see and do in Dallas.

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A Very French Relationship

Charming film about a daily two-hour love affair illustrates French American romantic divide

By Alex Bentley

The relationship sensibilities of American and French cultures collide in the new film 5 to 7, in which nascent writer Brian Bloom (Anton Yelchin) finds himself drawn into an affair ...

Avengers Get Better

Avengers: Age of Ultron figures out the summer movie magic formula: Action, humor and a lot of heart

By Alex Bentley

With Avengers: Age of Ultron, the number of movies produced by Marvel Studios in their ongoing bid for world domination now numbers 11. That includes three Iron Mans, two Thors ...

Weekend Event Planner

Elton John, ZZ Top and Latin Wave film fest headline the best weekend events in Houston

By Alex Bentley

The beginning of May in Houston brings an eclectic weekend full of events, including a bingo fundraiser, dragon boat races, a historic home tour and a visit from the Rocket ...

WTF Is Funny

Podcast star Marc Maron riffs on his dream white whale guests and his checkered SNL past

By Alex Bentley

Comedian Marc Maron has taken the long and slow train to success in show biz. Now 51, he’s the host of the wildly popular WTF with Marc Maron podcast ...

A.I. Twist

Star Wars stars obsess on artificial intelligence in smart sci-fi thriller

By Alex Bentley

The obsession with — or fear of — artificial intelligence in movies dates back at least to the 1960s, starting with HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Since then, A.I. has ...

Homestate Fail

Eco-unfriendly: Texas ranks almost dead last on list of states that care about the environment

By Alex Bentley

Texas may lead the nation in categories such as job growth and affordable housing, but the state is downright pitiful when it comes to eco-friendliness. According to a new study ...

The CultureMap Interview

A sexy movie about retirees? Upcoming new indie flick with a swoon-worthy Sam Elliott tantalizes

By Alex Bentley

The ninth annual Dallas International Film Festival opened on Thursday with a screening of I'll See You in My Dreams, starring Blythe Danner, Martin Starr and Sam Elliott. Danner ...

We Are Bad With Money

State of confusion: Texans are really bad with their money, according to new survey

By Alex Bentley

If you or someone you know is up to his eyeballs in credit card debt, it may not surprise you that a new study by WalletHub has discovered that Texans ...

No Subtlety Here

Get Hard earns its R rating as Ferrell and Hart don't hold back in wild raunchy comedy

By Alex Bentley

When a movie title that’s as obvious a double entendre as Get Hard gets approved by the MPAA, you know that subtlety will not rule the day — especially when ...

Unscary Movie

Teen horror movie with terrifying sex has a clever twist but isn't as scary as it should be

By Alex Bentley

Every couple of years, a new horror movie comes along that genre fans proclaim to be the next big thing — either because it puts a clever twist on well-worn tropes ...

Unintended Parody

It's no Hunger Games: Laughable Insurgent is ripe for Saturday Night Live parody

By Alex Bentley

Just after the release of 2014’s The Maze Runner, Saturday Night Live parodied the ever-growing genre of young adult dystopian films with the aptly named The Group Hopper. It ...

Wise Spenders

Houston named one of America's best-run cities, but survey doesn't look at potholes

By Alex Bentley

Opinions on how well the city of Houston is run by its government may vary depending on your political leanings, but according to a new study done by WalletHub, the ...

Movie Tme

Fairy tale fail: New Cinderella's just the same offensive, outdated women depend on men yawn

By Alex Bentley

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. Adaptations of the European folk tale number into the hundreds — if not thousands — which means that any new iteration must distinguish itself from those ...

Movie Time

Smoldering sex appeal aside, Margot Robbie still plays second fiddle to a hit desperate Will Smith in Focus

By Alex Bentley

When done right, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a con man movie. It’s pure escapism, as the audience gets to revel in the “heroes” pulling one over ...

Soulful Concert News

Grammy's big winner headed to Houston for big venue concert to accommodate all those new fans

By Alex Bentley

Soulful singer Sam Smith has enjoyed quite the breakout year since the release of his debut album, In the Lonely Hour. Now  Houston fans will be able to see him ...

Oscar 2015 Highlights

Birdman soars over Boyhood at Oscars; best moments from the long show

By Alex Bentley

Although Boyhood has been an awards season favorite in the run-up to the 2015 Academy Awards, in the end, Richard Linklater's gutsy 12-year experiment was overshadowed by another bravura ...

Running Down a Dream

McFarland, USA transcends sports clichés with charm, thanks to charismatic Coster

By Alex Bentley

If you’re watching a sports movie, especially one made by Disney, you can usually count on several things: a person or team overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds; resistance to said ...

Real Estate Rumblings

Lone Star State sales boom: Texas hits a real estate milestone rarely seen

By Alex Bentley

A surge of single-family home sales in the fourth quarter of 2014 ensured it was one of the best years ever for Texas real estate. According to a new report ...

Line Up the Oscar

Julianne Moore is Oscar worthy in Still Alice, but the real surprise is Twilight star

By Alex Bentley

With no specific cause and no cure, Alzheimer’s disease is as scary a diagnosis as one could ever get. That is precisely the premise of Still Alice. Alice Howland ...

Jupiter's Descent

Oscar nominee's pathetic performance keeps Jupiter Ascending from flying high

By Alex Bentley

When last we encountered the Wachowskis, the writing and directing sibling team were making a movie out of what many considered to be an unfilmable book, Cloud Atlas. They’ve ...

All articles by this author.  175 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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